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Making Claims

Download and fill out the below forms to make your claim. Submit the form along with all necessary documentation to the Green Shield address on the form. A cheque will be mailed back to you. You can also set up an online account at www.greenshield.ca to create custom claim forms and have claims paid via direct deposit. Check the Benefits Booklet to confirm what is covered under the plan.

Health Plan ID # 

Student: YGS + student number - 00

Spouse: YGS + student number - 01

Dependant: YGS + student number - 02, 03, etc

For example:

John Smith, student number: 123456789

John: YGS123456789-00

John's spouse: YGS123456789-01

John's eldest dependant: YGS123456789-02

John's other dependant: YGS123456789-03

Submit E-Claims 

Register for an online account with Green Shield for easy and electronic management of your claims, to setup direct deposit and more by clicking on the GSC logo below.

​Download the App

link to the 2016-17 benefits booklet

General Claims *

Dental Claims

* Includes: Prescription Drugs, RMT, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Vision, Therapy.

Travel Insurance

The YUGSA Health Plan includes travel insurance for up to 60 days per trip.

Green Shield Canada (GSC) Group Assist No.:

- 5492

In the event of an emergency call:

From Canada/USA 1-800-936-6226

From Anywhere +1 (519) 742-3556

For a full description of the travel benefits, refer to the "Benefit Description" section of the Benefit Booklet.

​​Fill-in Card

​(save file and open with Adobe Reader)

Benefits Booklet

2016-2017 Health Plan Subscriptions Are Active as of October 24th, 2016

Outline of Benefits

All necessary information is available in the YUGSA Benefit Booklet. Green Shield offers a fill-in card for your records. Download and fill out the card to keep track of your health plan ID number and basic information. You may also print your personalized card by logging in to your Green Shield account as a plan member.