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Departmental GSAs

Every September YUGSA registers Departmental Graduate Students' Associations (DGSAs) to which it provides an Operating Grant Fund (OGF), web services, and more. DGSAs offer services back to their own department's members such as support for funding, academics, socials and events. Executives of DGSAs are elected by the graduate students of their own department and appoint representatives to take their voting seats at the YUGSA Council.

Registering Your DGSA

Every year each DGSA must register with the YUGSA.  This is done by filling out the form below.  Please refer to the "Student Enrolment Figures" document when you fill out the council representatives section of the form as to determine the number of councillor appointments  allowed for your department.  

Registering gives a DGSA voting positions at council and allows the DGSA to apply for the OGF.  A DGSA can register with the YUGSA at any time, but in order to be eligible for the OGF it must register before October 12th to ensure elected YUGSA councilors can be given notice of mandatory orientation and anti-oppression meetings in October.  Please refer to the "List of DGSAs" PDF document on this page to identify whether your department already has registered a DGSA. 

Applying for the OGF

The OGF is a sum of money given in two installments which allows registered DGSAs to fund various projects, be it graduate conferences, academic or needs based support funds, or social events.  The form for this fund can be found below.  In order to receive the full OGF, certain guidelines must be met.  These include:

- After 2016-2017 elections have been held, the DGSA registers with the YUGSA before October 12th, 2016.  

- Each DGSA operates in line with its constitution.  In the case that a DGSA does not have a constitution, it will submit one to internal@yugsa.ca soon after registering.  A template constitution is available below.

- YUGSA councilors attend council orientation on October 20th, 2016 at 5:30 in Student Centre 430
- YUGSA councilors attend anti-oppression training to be October 21st, 2016 from 2-4pm in Student Centre 430
- OGF application form must be submitted before November 15th, 2016 along with necessary financial records (see OGF application form).  
- The DGSA must submit updated financial records in 2017 no later than February 15th, 2017
- Elected YUGSA councilors (or their alternatives) must attend three of the six council meetings held before March 1st, 2017 

Failure to follow these guidelines will lead to the OGF amount reduced to base level (60%) or withheld.