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(CRO's Reports)

Every year around March, our organization prepares for elections to replace (or re-elect) the 7 Executive positions and the Student Governor. We hire a Chief Returning Officer (CRO) to administer elections procedures in accordance with the Bylaws of our constitution. The CRO is in charge of overseeing the elections process, hiring poll clerks, and reporting to the YUGSA council. The council appoints members to the Elections and the Appeals committees which respectively authorize deviations from the elections code as necessary, or handle complaints to the decisions of the CRO.

Chief Returning Office (CRO)

The CRO enforces the elections procedure codes and guidelines of the YUGSA election as outline in Appendix D of the Constitution. Contact the CRO for any issues arising around election.


Elections Committe

As outlined in Appendix D Article 4 of the YUGSA constitution, the Elections Committee oversees the conduct and supervision of the elections. This committee reserves the right to modify the rules of the elections. This committee does not handle complaints brought forward by candidates.

Appeals Committee

As outlined in Appendix D Article 4 of the YUGSA constitution, the Appeals Committee handles appeals to the decision of the Chief Returning Officer and reports to the council.

To escalate your complaint to the Appeals Committee you must first inform and submit your case to the CRO.


YUGSA Elections