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Vice-President Equity

As VP Equity, I strive to ensure that all York Community Members are successful in their endeavors. I am here to help graduate students through difficult circumstances by advocating on their behalf. By working with students and various advocacy groups to tackle equity-based issues, I believe we can bring positive change to the York Campuses. This year, I plan on tackling issues facing ableism at York as well as seeing that student representatives are elected by the student population for campus wide governance groups.

Sam Tecle

PhD Level 



Vice-President Finance and Services

As VP Finance and Services I am responsible for the health of YUGSA’s budget. In the course of my term as VP Finance I will create a fiscal budget for the year, adjudicate funding and donation applications for students, and disperse operating grant funds (OGFs) to departmental graduate student associations (DGSAs). 

Jacob McLean

PhD Level 2

Environmental Studies


Sharon Henry

PhD Level 1



Vice-President Gender Issues

As VP Gender, I am committed to continue serving all graduate students.  I will liaison with members of YUGSA and be an advisor to the President on the Status of Women, the Centre for Women and Trans People, the Trans Feminist Caucus of CUPE, TBLGAY York, and other groups with similar concerns on and off our campus.  I am available for consultation with graduate students on matters related to gender issues; bringing these matters before our Executive or Council, when appropriate, for information, discussion, and or for taking action as needed. I look forward to serving you.

Alia Karim

Ph. D. Level 3

Environmental Studies


Vice-President Campaigns

As VP Campaigns I will develop political and equity-based campaigns on issues affecting graduate students. In a time of accelerating cuts to graduate students’ jobs, funding, and services at York, it’s more important than ever to unite students and campus allies to push back. Having had experience organizing at York in the $15 and Fairness campaign I hope to continue expanding the campaign and building upon our recent victories to make York a $15 and Fairness campus. I am also responsible for working with members of the Canadian Federation of Students and bringing attention to important issues other graduate students face to YUGSA meetings. 

Mina Rajabi

Ph. D. Level 3




As president and leader of the YUGSA, my responsibility is to serve the graduate community and act as a representative for each and every student. I chair the council meetings, work on campaigns and sit on a wide number of committees at York U. One of my commitments as President is to see a much stronger link between our allies (such as CUPE 3903), improving student services/advocacy and creating a strong link between the Keele and Glendon campuses. This promises to be a very important year for graduate students at York. Feel free to email me your ideas, comments and suggestions as I look forward to working with you.

Behnam Amini

PhD Level 2

Social & Political Thought


Vice-President Internal

As VP Internal, I am in charge of coordinating all of our internal, councillor, executive  and part of our external  affairs in addition to overseeing our services. I maintain the website and our communications to the membership through our newsletters. As an employer representative I am in charge of hiring and labour management.

The Executive Committee

The office hours of the executive are not fixed due to academic workload, TA'ships, meetings or other reasons. Please contact the corresponding executive for an appointment if you wish to see them in person. If you are not certain which executive to contact for your inquiry, give our office a call during office hours or send an email to our Student Services Coordinator.