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Health Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For information on making claims, the status of claims, or if you have problems with your claims, contact We Speak Student at 1-800-315-1108 or go to their website at www.wespeakstudent.com. If We Speak Student is unable to adequately address your concerns, please contact the YUGSA Health Plan Office at health@yugsa.caor 416-736-5213.

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Who is automatically opted into the YUGSA health plan?

If you are enrolled as a full-time graduate student as of September 1st, 2017, you will be automatically opted-in to the YUGSA health plan.

Who is not automatically opted in?

Part-Time Students; Students beginning their studies in the Winter or Summer terms; Second Year IMBA students away on exchange; Outgoing Exchange students (students leaving York, to go away to another country) who are away for more than 8 months; Incoming Exchange students (students who are coming to York on exchange from another country) who are enrolled for only four months.

If you think you have been incorrectly billed please contact the YUGSA Health Plan office NO LATER than OCTOBER 22, 2017.

Who can opt-out?

Students who have alternative coverage for drugs AND dental can opt-out before OCTOBER 22, 2017. Opt out online HERE. If you do not have comparable coverage the plan is mandatory for all full-time graduate students in order to ensure that graduate students have some support when medical expenses arise.

How do I opt-in to the YUGSA health plan if I am not automatically opted-in?

Here: OPT IN & OUT.

How do I opt-in dependents?

Here: OPT IN & OUT

What is a dependent?

Dependents are: legal or common law spouse; biological, legally adopted or step- children who are unmarried, unemployed and dependent upon the member student, and who are under the age of 21; and dependents in school to age 25.

What is the coverage period?

The coverage starts on September 1, 2017 and ends on August 31, 2018, regardless of the date in which you opted-in.

When can I begin submitting claims?

The YUGSA Health Plan is activated in mid-October. Look for the charge on the transactions page of your student account (the charge should read "GSA Health Care - $400"). One week after the charge you can submit claims or ask your service provider if they will bill the insurer directly. If you opted-in to the plan yourself your account should be active one to two weeks after submitting your form and payment to our office. The plan coverage starts September 1st. Hold onto any receipts from September 1st on to make retroactive claims once you are activated.

What is covered?

Please visit the Benefits section of our website.

Please note: Every dental procedure has a code. It is a good idea for students to contact their dental office for the code for an upcoming procedure, and then contact We Speak Student to confirm that the procedure will be covered.

What is the difference between OHIP/UHIP and the YUGSA Health Plan?

OHIP is the Ontario Health Insurance Plan for Ontario residents which covers general medical care, including doctors appointments and hospitalization. UHIP is the equivalent insurance for international students. The YUGSA Health Plan is a supplementary plan which provides dental and drug coverage. This is a mandatory health plan and therefore students are not allowed to opt-out unless they have alternative coverage.

What is my WeSpeakStudent ID Number?

LAST 7 DIGITS OF YOUR STUDENT NUMBER + YGS. The WeSpeakStudent ID # is your student number, with the three letter suffix "YGS." (Ie. 3456789YGS)